5 Temples with the Grandest Chitra Pournami Celebration

  • 17 Apr 2019

Chitra Pournami is believed to be an auspicious day to erase our karma or sins from past birth that usually hinder all our efforts towards a happy and prosperous life.

As per sacred texts, Chitragupta—the official Akashic recorder or the ‘good and bad deeds’ bookkeeper of Lord Yama—was born on the full moon of Chitthirai month. Those seeking to relieve their burden of karma and seek his blessings attend temple poojas and donate to the poor on this day.

Every year, temples in India and Malaysia perform special rituals and ‘annadanam’ on this day. As such, we have listed 5 famous temples widely-known for their grand celebration of Chitra Pournami:

Chitragupta Temple in Kanchipuram

This temple is believed to be built in the 9th century during the Chola period. The deity in the temple is in a sitting posture and holds a pen in the right hand and palm leaf in the left hand. On Chitra Pournami, the temple receives mass crowds wishing to seek blessings from Chitragupta and witness the grand celebration.

Sri Mangaladevi Kannagi Temple near Kerala-Tamilnadu Border

Huge crowds from various parts of India gather at this temple on Chitra Pournami because that’s the only day the temple is opened. Situated on top of a peak and deep within a thick forest, devotees carry ‘milk pots’ to perform ‘abhisegam’ to the main deity. The temple was discovered in the 1950s, and the celebrations began in 1959. Ever since then, many devotees make it their yearly ritual to visit the temple on Chitra Pournami.

Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai

In a legend involving Lord Indra and his guru Brihaspati, the Lord went on a pilgrimage to earth to relieve his sins committed during the absence of his guru. He worshipped a Shiva Lingam found under a Kadamba tree and Madurai is believed to be the place of his worship. Even today, Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple celebrates the day by holding a Devendra pooja.

Sri Balasubramanyar Temple in Port Klang

Chitra Pournami celebrations in this temple have been happening on a grand scale for years. Devotees from all over Malaysia visit the temple on the day. The entire day will be celebrated like a grand, colourful festival with traditional songs and dances performed at every corner of the temple.

Sri Thendayuthapani Temple in Teluk Intan

This century-old temple is the name that comes to everyone’s mind at the mention of Chitra Pournami in Malaysia. The Chettiyar temple is known for its huge crowds and special celebrations for Chitra Pournami.

Photo Credit: Tamil Nadu Favtourism, Times of India, Bernard Gagnon, Chyan Phang & Siva Balakrishnan
Source: Blessing on the Net, The Hindu, London Sri Murugan & Kerala Tourism

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