Why Is Chitra Pournami Celebrated?

  • 18 Apr 2019

Chitra Pournami refers to the full moon that falls on the auspicious first month of the Tamil calendar known as Chitirai. This day is particularly dedicated to Chitra Guptan, the keeper of deeds and the official bookkeeper of Yaman, the god of death.

It is believed that, Chitra Guptan keep track and records the good and bad deeds of all walks of life. When a person dies, his soul first goes to Lord Yaman. Chitra Guptan tallies the deeds and reports it to Lord Yaman for the final judgement which will decide the fate of the individual.

Chitra Pournami is a day which reminds everyone that our good or bad deeds will definitely have consequences in our life on earth, as well as afterlife. Thus, it is important to perform good deeds and avoid doing bad for others.

Meanwhile, Chitra Pournami is also the time where your sins can be cleansed via expiation and genuine prayers. These shall relieve people of their sins and reduce the impact of their bad deeds.

Another legend suggests that Lord Indran, the king of Gods commit sins by disrespecting his Guru Brihaspati, who also committed numerous other sins in the absence of his Guru. When Brihaspati returns, he advises Lord Indran to go on a pilgrimage to lessen his sins. 

Lord Indran then followed his Guru's instruction. He finds a Shiva Lingam under a kadamba tree and started worshiping Shivan by offering a golden lotus from a nearby pond. He was then relieved of his sins on Chitra Pournami. 

Sourced from: SpeakingTree and IshtaDevatha
Images credit: Detechter and Gosthala

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