Dhilip Varman: Uyirai Tholaithen Became A Hit, It Was My Shot To Fame

  • 11 Apr 2018
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I was very much into music, even when I was just a kid!

My life began in Butterworth and I lived with my parents and two younger siblings. I was the eldest among the children.

I inherited my talent from my dad, who was a singer himself. He was a singer in an English band and had encouraged me throughout my life to follow my dreams to be a successful singer.

At the age of 7, I had my first public performance. I had an opportunity to sing at my school and I continued performing at school functions and competitions until the age of 17.

After completing Form 5, I joined a music band, KMG Segar, which my dad used to be a part of previously. I sang in the band for 2 years, until 2001 and then joined another band, Minnal Time, for another 4 years.

In the year 2003, I was excited when I found out about Vaanavil Paadal Thiran Potti. I took part, but unfortunately didn’t qualify the first round.

It was Daddy Shaq who gave me the first opportunity to sing in an album. I came across him one day and he invited me over to his studio. He was working on his album titled ‘Navinam’ and I had my first 2 tracks on the album, namely Iru Kangal Pesum Velai and Ennul Ulle Unnai. After that, I learn to compose songs and to play piano.  

Following that, I joined ‘Bakat Radio 6’ competition and won first place! I was a freelance singer for some time after that, singing on stages.

My big break came when I was asked to write and sing a song for the telemovie Kathal Vendum. That’s when I worked on Uyirai Tholaithen and my career took a big turn! The song became an instant hit. Moving forward, I also produced several albums with Vision Entertainers namely Kanavellam and Meendum Meendum, which received a good response globally.

In the year 2010, I was approached by Kollywood Director Saktivel who offered me the opportunity to be the music director for his upcoming movie ‘Uyirai Tholaithen’.

Even though the movie is yet to be released, yet the audio launch was done and the songs did very well in Chennai. Renowned singers such as Anuradha Sriram, Haricharan and Santhosh sang in the movie songs.

In 2014, I got a chance to sing a duet titled Nenje Nenje in the composition of D Imaan for the movie Enathan Pesuvatho. I released my own album ‘Yaasikiren’ in the year 2016 and working on producing albums for others at the moment.

Even though I have reached this far, yet nothing came easy. I struggled for over 5 years and the payment I received then was very low as well. But, I was very firm with my decision. I decided no matter how hard it gets, music is my passion and I will never give up and lose hope in music.

My parents were very supportive since the beginning. They didn’t burden me with family responsibilities and gave me the freedom to chase my dream. To-date, I have worked on over 98 tracks and have received 6 awards in total.

I’m glad I chose this path and I’m looking forward to achieving more…

Watch me in Ithu Namma Paattu La! A musical medley on 15th April @ 8pm on Astro Vaanavil (Ch201) and Astro On Demand!


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