Smart Wheel S2: Bigger, Better and Smarter

  • 09 Apr 2018

From smartphones to smart buildings, technology is evolving at an unbelievable rate and is already outwitting the intellect of humans. But are we getting any smarter? It’s about time we find out!

The Season 2 of Smart Wheel is back with more challenging and exciting episodes. Smart Wheel is a reality game show that tests the brainpower of contestants in every episode. 

A total of 16 contestants will compete against each other to win the grand prize, a brand-new Proton Iris. The contestants were screened based on a general knowledge test and they come from all walks of lives. You are also in for a surprise as the makers are bringing two episodes featuring special guests.

This season is kicking off with a Chitthirai Puthandu special episode with Priyanka Deshpande and Manobala premiering on 14 April at 4.30pm. The winnings from the special episodes will be directed to charitable causes.

Don’t miss Smart Wheel S2 on Astro Vinmeen HD every Sunday at 9.30pm. 

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