Mona Fandey Inspired ‘Dukun’ Is Finally Out After 12 Years

  • 04 Apr 2018

Dukun, a horror-thriller inspired by the high-profile case of Mona Fandey in the 90s is finally hitting the theatre after a ban of 12 years!

Mona Fandey is a very familiar name to Malaysians, as her case was one of the worst in the history of Malaysia. She was suspected of practicing black magic and was found guilty of murdering late politician Datuk Mazlan Idris back in 1993.

She and her husband chopped Mazlan's head off and his body into 18 pieces, and partially skinned Mazlan's body. She was executed in November 2001.

A horror movie inspired by this gory true story was shot in the year 2006, however, was banned for almost a decade. Datin Paduka Umie Aida played the lead role, a female bomoh named Diana Dahlan.

This movie is hitting the cinemas from 5th April onwards. Get prepared to watch this spine-chilling movie! But try watching this trailer first and only head to the theatre if you survive watching it!


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