Why it’s Easy to Get Hooked on Crime Patrol on Tara Hd?

  • 13 Mar 2018
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The series whose motto is “Crime Never Pays” is the longest-running reality crime television series in India, having completed 15 years since its launch in 2003. Hosted by Anup Soni, the show presents a dramatised version of crime cases that occurred in India. The real-life stories revolve around harassment, kidnapping, murders, human trafficking and many other cases.


  • It is based on true crime stories that have happened in India.
  • The series creates an awareness for everyone to be more alert on their surroundings and aware of the dreadful incidents that could happen.
  • The host Anup Soni way of anchoring the show. He comes off as a genuine host and his narration seems real and makes you listen to him
  • Most episodes have such a gripping suspense & storyline, that it is just too difficult to change the channel.
  • The show has a pool of actors which also returns to episode after episode, giving the viewer a sense of continuity and familiarity.
  • They shoot on location, which means if the producers are dramatizing a murder in Chandigarh, they take us to Chandigarh. Also, Anup Soni doesn’t talk to us from a studio set but instead he walks down the streets of the neighborhood where the crime happened while narrating the story.
  • Photography, filmography, and editing of the show is on point. It is all in tune just in tune with the building intensity of each episode.
Watch Crime Patrol every Monday to Friday at 9 pm only on Tara HD (Ch108)!


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