The Remarkable Khan

  • 12 Mar 2018
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Following Irrfan’s tweet on his health, many speculations has been making round on what has happened to the actor. This super talented actor has been getting a lot of rave reviews on his acting skills which are only getting better with time. Here’s some details into the life of this remarkable Khan, read on:

The Remarkable Khan

Irrfan Khan, a name that resonates not only in Bollywood but also Hollywood. A name that was built brick by brick, all by sheer determination and hard work. A talent in the industry that is bigger than the Bollywood Khan’s combined.

FIVE interesting facts about Irrfan Khan:

An actor by chance

He got a scholarship to attend NSD (National School of Drama) while he was pursuing his MA. He lied about having experience in theatre to get in and the rest is history.

His real name

Officially he is known as Sahabzade Irfan Khan. Born in a family of royal connection in a village called TONK in Jaipur, he changed his name to Irrfan Khan when he got in the entertainment industry. HE added in an extra ‘r’ simply because he liked the sound of it!


He is 6ft 1 inch tall. That means he is as tall as Amitabh Bachchan!


He has acted in more Hollywood films than any other Khan combined. Notable films: Jurrasic World, Namesake, The Amazing Spider Man, Life of Pi, The Mighty Heart to name a few.

His one last wish

To give a bag full of cash to his mother.
He certainly is one of The Best actors in the industry. No doubts about that.

Image Source: India Today, Irrfan Khan’s twitter

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