The Hilarious 5 Of Gun Kannayiram

  • 06 Mar 2018

Your weekend is just getting better as we are bringing to you a brand new, hilarious comedy sitcom - Gun Kannayiram, from 10th March onwards on Astro Vinmeen Hd Ch231. And the show will be available for binge watching on Astro On Demand as well.

The story of Gun Kannayiram revolves around a barber shop where many funny incidents take place as famous Malaysian and International celebrity guests visit the shop to get themselves a good trendy haircut!

The shop owner Kannayiram, played by the famous veteran actor Shanmuganathan, is a very strict and disciplined person who believes he is the smartest and hardworking of them all. However, he always ends up in trouble due to the other four troublemakers, who also have a significant role in this comedy sitcom.

Kannayiram's staff and the most senior barber Ramal @ Kulanthaisamy is played by none other then our famous local talent cum host, Vikadakavi Mahen. Ramal is a young barber who is a die hard fan of both Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan, and he is waiting for the right opportunity to rise as a star himself!

Joining him is Sakkarai, the junior barber who is played by the multi-talented Alvin Martin, who has featured in numerous local films and singles. Sakkarai is really into trends and has a huge passion for hip-hop. He is also known as a 'Mat Bunga' around the shop. Even though he spends lots of time at the shop procrastinating, yet he thinks highly of himself.

The third and the most innocent barber in the shop is Gundu, who is played by Navinho - a talented skinny young chap. Gundu is the intern who owns a certificate in hair styling, yet he gets bullied by his two senior barbers, Ramal and Sakkarai. Despite being a certified hair stylist, this boy does all the other job in the shop except for styling customers' hair!

The last and one of the most important characters in the shop is Buthi Sigamani, played by our local talent Sasikumar. He is a jobless youngster who spends most of his time at the barber shop, munching on foods, reading the newspaper and chatting with the customers. He is the main trigger of all the topic that starts at the shop and he somehow sweet talks and manages to get free food from the shop and the people there!
Follow the comic adventures of these 5 characters at the barber shop throughout their highs and lows on Vinmeen Hd and OD, starting from 10th March onwards. Don't miss it!

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