Ahila Opens Up About Suresh And Their Relationship!

  • 15 Feb 2019

Just recently, Raaga's host Suresh created a stir in the onlinesphere with a mysterious post showing his hand holding a girls hand. Many speculated the hand belonged to his co-host Ahila, to which Ahila denied completed. 

Previously for Valentine's, we invited Ahila over to our studio to dig into her relationship with her co-host Suresh. She finally revealed all the teeny-weeny details a.k.a the truth in the session. Check out this Valentine special interview with Ahila:


Yes, we understand that many of you have so many questions going on your mind pertaining Ahila and what's her relationship status with Suresh! However, from this interview, it's clear that Ahila is not the lady whose hand Suresh is holding. Watch her talk about her life, journey as a host and the funny mistakes she had made on-air:

Photo Credit: Suresh Raaga Instagram

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