Nitthiya’s Journey: International Pesu Tamizha Pesu 2017

  • 09 Nov 2017

I was waiting for this opportunity for my entire life and I’m extremely excited about representing Malaysia in the International Pesu Tamizha Pesu 2017.

I am from Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. My parents, Saigan and Parameswary, taught me the importance of learning Tamil since I was a kid. And as I grew up, I started admiring the language and fell in love with it.

During my school days in SJKT Tun Sambantan and SMK Mantin, I joined many competitions such as writing essays, public speaking, and debate due to my self-interest. And I received good encouragement from my family and teachers as well.

Following that, I completed Form 6 at SMK Tengku Ampuan Durah and BC (Hons) Economics at University Utara Malaysia (UUM). I started working at an accounting firm and got married in the year 2015.

I was very lucky as my husband recognizes the talent in me and encourages me to take part in competitions. Due to my husband’s encouragement, I enrolled in UUM again to study Masters of Economics. One fine day, the Pesu Thamizha Pesu poster was shared in one of the WhatsApp group and I decided to send my video to the audition.

But I didn’t think I will come this far, and maybe this was the opportunity that I was waiting for all my life!

I was also called by the management of UUM who requested me to be their Tamil Ambassador and I take this as an opportunity to show others the perks of learning our mother tongue. With this, I would like to thank everyone for their support and hope that I would make the country proud by winning at the International Pesu Tamizha Pesu 2017.

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