Umahparan’s Journey: International Pesu Tamizha Pesu 2017

  • 09 Nov 2017

I am representing Malaysia in the upcoming Pesu Tamizha Pesu International that will be held in Sri Lanka and I’m thrilled!

My life started in Ipoh, even though both my parents, Manivel and Mariammal are from Teluk Intan. After living in Ipoh for several years, we moved back to Teluk Intan to live with my grandmother.

When it was time for me to join primary school, my dad was quick to enroll me in an English medium school. However, it was my mom who fought hard to send me to a Tamil school. She strongly believed that I can still succeed no matter which school I join and it is our duty to learn our mother tongue. Thus, joined SJKT Thiruvalluvar.

As a small kid, I took part in many competitions such as essay writing, poem reciting, debate and storytelling in both English and Malay Language. I even represented my school and went up to the State level for a Syarahan competition when I was in Standard 5. However, I only joined writing competitions for Tamil and not speaking, as there were many others who could speak the language better than me.

I got my first opportunity to join a Tamil debate competition once I joined SMK Seri Setia. I won the 2nd place in a national level competition.

But sadly, I couldn’t take part in any competitions once I joined the Perak Matriculation College since my schedule was too packed at that time!

I started taking part in Tamil competitions again once I joined University Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) to study Degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. My university life was less hectic in the first few years compared to Matriculation, thus, I started taking part in a few writing competitions.

During my second year, I've joined a debate competition and won the 2nd place in the State level and 3rd place in the National level. I felt more confident and started practicing more.

During my fourth year, my schedule started getting packed again. That’s when I heard about Pesu Thamizha Pesu! I was very hesitant to join the debate as I wanted to focus on my studies, however, my mom encouraged me to do so.

It was the last day for entries and I decided to join last minute. To be honest, I was just trying out my luck and did not expect to be selected. Once I got shortlisted, I started practicing again to brush up my skills.

Again, I didn’t expect to go up to this level. I’m quite nervous and excited at the same time to take part in the International Pesu Tamizha Pesu 2017. I would like to thank my mom and my sister Pavitra for always being there for me, as well as my family, friends, and teachers for showing me support. 

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