What Does it Mean if You Wake Up At Different Times Of Night?

  • 11 Sep 2018

Do you know waking up at different times of the night has different meanings, depending on what time you are roused from slumber?

You shouldn’t ignore the time at which you wake up because it could be sending you a warning message!

Astro Ulagam found that Chinese Medicine indicates your body and mind might be trying to tell you something if you’re waking up at certain times. Have a look at these 5 things and start paying attention.

1) Trouble Falling Asleep Between 9 And 10 p.m. - STRESSED

You’re most likely stressed if you’re awake and feel wound up when you should be winding down.

2) Waking Between 11 p.m. And 1 a.m. – EMOTIONAL DISAPPOINTMENT

According to traditional Chinese medicine, this is the time when the gall bladder is active and the gall bladder is tied to emotions. Weakness in gall bladder function may manifest with a tendency towards fear and timidity. So, this signals emotional disappointment.

3) Waking Between 1 And 3 a.m. – ANGER

The Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation noted that liver-function problems and anger are closely related. This could mean you're experiencing built-up anger. Experiencing these emotions chronically or excessively can seriously unbalance the function of your liver.

4) Waking Between 3 And 5 a.m. – GUIDANCE TO BIGGER PURPOSE IN LIFE

In traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs are tied to sadness and depression. It is very important that you reevaluate the philosophy by which you live and find alternatives for self-motivation.

5) Waking Between 5 And 7 a.m. – EMOTIONAL BLOCKS

An emotional imbalance in the large intestine energy could manifest as chronic constipation but it could also manifest as an emotional tendency to not let things go. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the function of the large intestine is to let go of things that don't serve us. This relates to both physical and emotional aspects.

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