6 Most Famous Vinayagar Temples In India

  • 13 Sep 2018

Don’t you agree that a visit to any Vinayagar temple can work wonders for a depressed soul, anytime and any day?

Indeed, the sense of tranquility which soothes you immediately makes you wish for a longer stay.

Astro Ulagam found some of the best Vinayagar temples in India in terms of grandeur and also maintenance.

1) Ashtavinayak – Eight Ganesha Temples, Mumbai

The temples are located in various parts of Maharashtra and it is said the eight temples are self-originated and are religiously alive. Devotees make a yatra or a trip through these temples which brings them success and prosperity by starting the trip from Moreshwar through Siddhatek, Pali, Mahad, Thevur, Lenyadri, Ozar to Ranjangaon and back to Moreshwar.

2) Ucchi Pillayar Koil Temple, Trichy

Built in the 7th century which is situated in Trichy,Tamil Nadu. The temple which is also known as the Rockfort Temple is placed on the tip of a huge rock and has got some wonderful rock architecture. It is also known as the abode of both Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. The Archaeological Department of India takes care of the maintenance of this temple.

3) Dodda Ganapathi Temple, Bangalore

18 ft high idol of Ganesha can leave you spellbound with its beauty. This massive idol is actually carved out of a single huge stone. It is also said that the idol is increasing on its right side every year. Worshippers gather in huge numbers, not only to offer prayers but also to watch their idol being smeared in butter.

4) Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple, Chittor

Located in Andhra Pradesh in which the black Ganesha idol has white, yellow and red as the other three colours adoring his forehead. Worshipers of Ganesha should not miss out on this temple.

5) Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple, Pune

The golden Ganesha idol that resides inside is the most beautiful part of the temple and the temple trust is one of the richest in the country. An old-age home known as Pitashree is operated by the Trust. They also work for the education of poor children.

6) Shree Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

This temple is well-known for its wish-granting capacity. It has been awarded the ‘Best Trust Award’ for its outstanding and significant contribution to human welfare and social activities. The beautiful idol in the temple is carved from a black stone and is positioned in between Riddhi and Siddhi, the goddesses of sanctity and prosperity – consorts of Lord Ganesha. The devotees strongly believe that if prayed for from the heart, Ganapati never disappoints.

Picture credit: yaps.com, pinterest.com, abodesofworld.com

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