Greener' Gas-Powered Vehicles Aren't As Clean As You Think!

  • 08 Sep 2019

Did you think that gas-powered vehicles that use cleaner technology are absolutely clean?

If you did, you need to change your mind right now because Astro Ulagam found the right facts for you!

When cars combust gasoline, they produce a mixture of vapor, teensy droplets and miniscule solid particles that leave a vehicle's exhaust pipe and rise up into the atmosphere.

The solid particles, called primary organic aerosols are what most people think of when they picture the sooty black particles belching from a stinky tailpipe. Hence, people assume that the greener gas powered vehicles are clean and safe for the environment.

The newer "greener" vehicles are equipped with a technology that traps most particulate matter to mostly emit vapors.

However, those vapors may still chemically react with other compounds in the atmosphere to form pollutants. Perhaps, it may just take a little while longer.


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