8 Things Your Lips Say About You!

  • 11 Sep 2018

Apart from being one of the sexiest feature of a girl, lips reveal a ton about your personality.

So, would you like to find out what your lips reveal about your personality? Then, put on your favorite lip shade, take a piece of paper, pucker it up and find out what it says from the list that Astro Ulagam found just for you!

1) Open in center, but closed on sides

You love to explore and crave for new experiences. You are lively and people enjoy being around you.

2) Open from corners

You easily get bored when you do one thing at a time. So, you love keeping yourself busy and keep switching between the tasks.

3) Square or Rectangle

You really love to nurture others. People tend to gravitate toward you because you're grounded and often considered reliable.

4) Oval or Round

You're a peacekeeper and try to avoid conflict at all cost. You're a pro at diffusing tense situations and likely find time in your day to meditate.

5) Triangle

You're really good at recognizing talent in others and can foster that talent to create a productive, nurturing work environment. More fullness on the bottom also means you tend to be very generous and give back to the community.

6) Wavy

You love to think outside the box, and aren't afraid to try something crazy. You take the chance believing that it might just succeed.

7) Top Lip Fuller than Bottom

You're a great listener but you'd rather just get to the point and find a solution quickly. The white lines appearing on your upper lip and trickling down vertically signals a strong spiritual side or a feeling of personal connection to something "bigger" than yourself.

8) Bottom Lip Fuller than Top

You are generous which is not just financially but also sharing your ideas, thoughts, skills, and resources. Little white lines signals stress.

Resource: simpletastyrecipes.com

Picture credit: redbookmag.com & vogue

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