#BudgetWedding: How to Do Bridal Make Up At Home?

  • 07 Aug 2018

Are you out of budget to get an overpriced make-up artist?

If you’re confident of your skills, you could even do it yourself for your wedding!

Astro Ulagam found how to do bridal make up at home as a guide to flawless bridal beauty.

1) Prepare

Do your own research and find a reference image that you like. Then, find tutorials to get it 100% right. Now, you need to moisturize your skin and treat your skin well to look your best on your big day.

2) Conceal All Your Secrets

Spend time getting your perfect skin with primer, foundation and concealer to cover breakouts, uneven surfaces and wrinkles. Remember to pat an oil-free foundation for more coverage without rubbing it. If you have visible blemishes, use highly pigmented concealer but avoid caking it as concealer has light-reflecting pigments which will make you look ghostly in pictures.

3) Shape Your Face

Contour your face with a brown-matte shade which is darker than your skin color to get a perfect structure. Suck in your cheeks until you see the hollows and then apply the contouring product. Also, highlight using a shimmer powder on the T-zone and cheekbones so that your skin glows when the camera light falls on it.

4) It’s All About The Eyes

Use an eyeshadow base to hold the eye makeup. Then, use a light shadow color all over the eye, a medium color on the crease and add more eyeshadow to the corners of the eye for extra effect. On your brow bone, use a shimmery color. Next, use a black or brown kajal for your waterline before applying liquid liner. If you want a dramatic cat eye, draw liner to the corner of the eyes.

5) Secret To Everlasting Lippie

Exfoliate and hydrate your lips. Fill color almost to the edge of lips and use a liner to shape and seal the color in. Don’t smack your lips as it will make the application look uneven.

Resources: thebridalbox.com
Picture credit: pinterest.com & bridge the bride


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