Worst Snacks for Weight Loss

  • 23 Feb 2017

Snacking keeps your cravings under control and keeps your metabolism going but it can also break your weight loss efforts!

Is your snacking getting in the way of your weight loss goals?

You’re probably eating the wrong snacks assuming that it’s healthy without realizing the hidden sugars, fats and carbohydrates.

Astro Ulagam found 5 weight loss-sabotaging snacks that you should avoid to reach your weight loss goals.

1) Bottled smoothie

Smoothie helps to lose weight but bottled smoothie is equal to two or more servings. It’s better to make your own smoothies to ensure that you know what’s going into it.

2) Diet Soda

You probably avoid the usual sodas and opt for diet sodas assuming the sugar content is lower. Artificial sweeteners have a negative effect on your metabolism. It’s much healthier to make your own flavored detox waters.

3) Baby carrots

Although baby carrots are a popular dieting snack, the fact is that you will never feel satiated. So, your stomach starts to growl and this will make you eat more. Try to dip the baby carrots in hummus or other source of protein to feel full for a longer period of time.

4) Flavored yogurts

Sugar is the main content of all flavored yogurts. The high sugar content hinders your weight loss progress. Switch to plain yogurt and add fruits to enhance the flavor.

5) Low calorie packs of cookies

Mini packets of cookies are perceived healthy and you’re probably eating more. Cookies are still cookies! Substitute with pumpkin seeds which will fill you up much faster than cookies.


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