5 Tips To Keep Your Children Safe @ Thaipusam

  • 27 Dec 2018

Thaipusam is a beautiful celebration. It’s an amazing experience for people from all walks of life and makes Malaysia a must-visit location during the festival. Judging from that, we can expect a huge crowd in millions, who will make their way to Batu Caves and many numerous other Murugan temples.

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Filled with music, colours and a funfair, this is also an exciting time for kids. However, keeping track of your kids in crowded and busy places can be tricky.  The experience might even be hectic and claustrophobic to some children. These tips can help you keep your kids safe in a crowd so you can join the celebration without additional stress.

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1. Talk to your older kids about what to do if you get separated
If your kids are old enough, a simple discussion can go a long way. Prepare your kids for emergencies by talking to them about what they should do if something goes wrong. For example, you can tell them to look for someone in a uniform, call you on their own handphone, meet at a designated spot, or wait where they are—whatever you think will work best for your family.

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2. Take a stroller or wagon for young kids
Some kids are too young to learn about crowd safety. Take a stroller or wagon to keep young children with you in a large crowd so you don’t have to carry them or hold their hand the whole time. If you feel that a stroller or wagon is still difficult to manage, it would be advisable to bring them when the crowd is less.

3. Make sure your kids have your handphone number with them
If your children are very young, we suggest using a temporary tattoo or a wristband—put their name, your name, and your contact info on it. If your kids are old enough to remember your number, write it down on a piece of paper and have them put it in a pocket so they have it just in case they get lost.

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4. Carry a portable charger
Keep a portable charger on hand. Make sure your phone doesn't die off when your kids try to reach you. We also suggest setting it to 'vibrate and ring' mode as it's more likely for you to notice if someone calls or sends a message in a loud, busy place.
5. Pack hand wipes or hand sanitizer, and some light snacks

Busy, crowded places are also often covered in germs, and it isn’t always easy to find soap and water. Bring sanitizer or hand wipes and make sure you use them—especially before you eat.
Prepare some light snacks for the kids as well, as the food stalls might be far or crowded.

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