#LiveHealthy: Drink Water Right After You Wake Up!

  • 12 Aug 2018

You already know that drinking about 7-8 glasses of water every day is immensely beneficial for health but you may not be aware how crucial it is to drink water right after you wake up.

This practice is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment and a long known secret to purify your internal system.

Upon research, Astro Ulagam found benefits of this practice. Since you are now aware of this secret, start drinking water every morning to reap the benefits!

1) Makes the skin glow

Water purges toxins from your blood. As a result, you get a better looking and glowing skin.

2) Lose weight

When you drink water in the morning, you can shed those extra pounds by boosting your metabolism about 24%.

3) Purifies the colon.

Before eating anything, drink water to purify your colon. It cleanses the colon for better absorption of nutrients and produces haematopoiesis (new blood) that cures existing illnesses.

4) Balance the lymph system

A balanced lymph system fights infections and perform various activities with steady fluids within the body.

5) Renews cells

Drinking water first thing in the morning renews cells. Hence, new muscle and blood cells are produced.



Picture credit: & beritahati

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