What is the True Definition of #CoupleGoals?

  • 06 Feb 2019

Social media brought the hashtag #couplegoals to light.

Couples at different ages and different phases make every moment memorable and romantic in their own way.

However, aspiring to be like any other couple is not the right way.

Instead, couple goals are about being happy and content in your relationship. It goes deep within every individual’s emotion to be with someone who genuinely knows you.

Definitely, it is someone who is able to nurture your soul with love, patience, tolerance and security that fulfills the true definition of couple goals.

Astro Ulagam did a research and found couple goals that are worth achieving.

1) Striving above as one

Relationship is enriched when couples are passionate about understanding what motivates each other. With a shared view of the future, lives will run much more smoothly by reducing the threatening differences.

2) Precious time

Relationship needs to be pampered and looked after regularly.Spending time with each other may be important but the crucial element is the way couples interact. Indeed happy couples make a point of spending time by interacting in a qualitative way.

3) Ongoing love as parents

Relationship becomes less satisfying when couples have children due to the demanding roles that bring distance. This can be changed when couples are stronger together and develop closeness by sharing the challenges as well as the joys of raising a family.


4) Mutual Respect

Couples should accept each other's weaknesses to keep the relationship forever. Underestimation slowly kills the relationship. Instead, couples can grow together in their relationship by understanding and respecting each other.

5) Sense of connection

Relationship keeps growing with romantic stages. Couples that are supportive and affectionate often feel positive about each other. This leads to the initiative of recognizing each other's values that brings closeness.

No matter what you do to achieve your couple goals, remember that compromising and being happy with each other is the ultimate goal.

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