3 reasons why the Aadi month is BAD for weddings

  • 14 Mar 2018
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We are not a generation that follows blindly but a generation that questions. There are many Hindus that don’t feel the need to follow several customs, which they believe has absolutely no meaning. 

For South Indians, marrying in the month of Aadi (Mid-July to Mid-August) is considered inauspicious. Apparently, there are several reasons to why weddings are not held during this month.

What are the possible reasons? Astro Ulagam conducted some research and the following are what we discovered! 


A Month for worshiping gods and goddesses

‘Aadi’ originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Aashadi’. This month is seen as the most auspicious month for worshipping god and goddesses. It is believed that the Pachai Amman; the goddess of marriage, created peace and harmony in the world. 

This month is usually filled with temple festivals and devotees who are present to attend the special prayers.

Aadi Pandigai, Thiru Aadi Pooram, Aadi Peruku, Varalakshmi Pooja, Aadi Amavasai are some of the important festival in the month of Aadi. Aadi Karthigai dedicated to Lord Murugan is also held in which special pooja and kavadis are offered to the Lord.

Since, temples and priest are busy with these festivals, there are less time or probably absolutely no time for them to attend to weddings. This is one reason why weddings do not take place in the month of Aadi. 


Worst time to conceive a baby

Newly married couples stay apart during the month of Aadi. The wife is sent back to her maternal home and returns only in the following month. 

Ancient Hindus have a reason to explain this practice. The reason is because if a child is conceived during Aadi, the child will be born in April - May during summer. Summer is perceived as not the best month for childbirth because the heat can cause health problems to both the mother and the child.

Labour and delivery will be painful for both and it is also hard to control the blood flow during summer. Hospital and good treatment were rare at that time, so newlyweds were asked to stay apart. 

Lack of money

In Southern India, Aadi is naturally a windy season. Therefore, there will be no harvest and hence, lack of money. 

Those days, weddings were held in open spaces. The blowing wind and the lack of money is a challenge to perform auspicious ceremony like weddings. Other reasons include that during this month; God goes to sleep and are not in an active mood to bless the wedding. 

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