10 Stunning South Indian Wedding Hairstyles to Steal

  • 07 Mar 2019

South Indian weddings are a colourful ceremony in which the brides are adorned with elaborate ornaments. One of the most distinctive features of a South Indian bride is her wedding hairstyle, which is an instant eye-catcher.

Blessed with long and lustrous hair, they can do so much with their hairstyle on their wedding day. Get inspired with this 10 stunning South Indian wedding hairstyles:

1. Look Simple & Elegant

2. Go Minimal with Only Jasmine Flowers

3. Step Up your Game with Hair Jewellery

4. Just a Simple Bun Covered with Flowers

5. Choose Elegant Roses with a Bun

6. Play with Colours of the Flowers

7. Add a Touch of Ribbon

8. Less Flowers But More Accessories

9. Go All Out 

10. Challenge the Norms

Picture Credit: Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema, SM Image Studio, Ovyian Photography, Pinterest, Desi Wedding Affair, Lotus Eye Photography, Damion Edwards Photography, Weddingz India

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