It is so hot, Indian woman fries an egg on the floor!

  • 20 Apr 2016

A woman from the Karimnagar region in Telangana, India, has successfully cooked fried eggs without any fire on the floor outside her residence. 

The video of her doing so is currently going viral.

Dressed in blue, she is seen calmly beating the eggs, completely unaffected by the heat. She then pours the mixture onto her front porch. Unbelievably, the eggs actually gets cooked and she even flips the egg over!

Telangana’s current temperature is fluctuating between 40-45 degrees and the heat has claimed over 100 lives. With the rising heat, people are trying various ways to beat the heat.   

The heat wave is not only an issue in India but also here in Malaysia. Let’s hope that Malaysians will not start frying eggs in their front porch. It may sound humorous but it is definitely something very alarming.

Picture Credit: ANI News, Yahoo India 

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