8 Different New Year Celebrated By Indians

  • 10 Apr 2018

India is a country rich in diverse culture, traditions and festival. Despite the diversity, a common festival celebrated by all is the welcoming of the New Year. 

The world may celebrate New Year’s on the 1st of January, however in India; it is welcomed in different regions at the time of harvesting of crops.

Here, Astro Ulagam list down the host of New Years held at many regions around India!

Puthandu – Tamil Nadu

According to the Tamil calendar, Puthandu or Varusha Pirappu is celebrated on the first day of the month of Chithirai.

A tray of 3 different fruits mainly mango, banana, jackfruit with flowers, betel leaves and a mirror will be prepared on the eve of the Puthandu. This tray has to be viewed early in the morning soon after waking up.  Entrances of Tamil homes are decorated with kolams. 

Bohag Bihu – Assam

Assamese New Year is a spring festival also known as Rongali Bihu. It is celebrated in the middle of April to mark the first day of the Hindu solar calendar and also the start of the agricultural season.

Bohag Bihu is the most important festival for the Assamese. The farmers will prepare the fields for cultivation of the paddy and the women will make ‘pitha’ and ‘larus’ which are traditional food made of rice and coconut.

Pohela Boishakh – Bengal

The Pohela Boishakh is a huge festival for the Bengali community witnessing a day filled with cultural fairs, shopping, worship and marriages.

‘Pohela’ means first and Boishakh is the first month of the traditional Bengali calendar. On this day, a traditional platter of leftover rice soaked in water served with salt, onion and chili is served to many. People in Bangladesh also observe this New Years as a national holiday.

Gudi Padwa - Maharashtra

Also considered as a harvest festival, Gudi Padwa is celebrated as the New Year’s across the state of Maharashtra, India. The date signifies the time for mangoes to flood the markets. 

Gudi Padwa is also the day to commerate the victories of the great Maratha leader, Shivaji Maharaja. A bright yellow cloth (gudi) is placed at the main entrances of homes all over Maharashtra to pay tribute his succes.

Ugadi – Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

Symbolising a new beginning, Ugadi is celebrated in the month of Chaitra (March or April) by those living in the state of Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. One of the main attractions of this festival is the social gathering and the delicious fest. Processions are grandly organized by temples all over the state.

Vishu – Kerala

In Kerala, the start of the New Years is known as Vishu. 

There is a belief that, the first object one sees upon waking up on a Vishu’s morning is a sign of what he or she can expect in the year to come. This practice known as Vishnukkani and ensures one opening their eye by facing an auspicious image.

Baisakhi - Punjab

Vaisakhi, spelled as Baisakhi is a religious festival, harvest festival and New Year’s Day for the Sikhs.

This mega event has a special meaning for the Sikhs as it was on this day that their 10th and last Guru, Guru Gobind Singh founded the Khalsa and established the belief that all human beings are equal. Gudwaras are decorated and visited. Parades, dancing and singing will take place throughout the day.

Bestu Varas - Gujarat

New Year’s for the Gujaratis is a time where they forget all the misunderstandings, pain, and hardship from the past year and aim to start a new year on a positive note.

The Bestu Varas (Gujarati New Year) is actually celebrated on the day after Deepavali alongside religious rituals and traditions. In temples and home around Gujarat, an Anna Koot is offered to the Lord. An Anna Koot is actually a 56 or 108 types of dishes prepared and offered to Lord Krishna. 

Which New Year are you celebrating? Share it will us in the comment box below! 

Picture Credit: Online Prasad, Wixstatic, Hindufaqs, Hindu, India, Nine Fine Stuff, Fact file & Livemint

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