These Are The Amazing Indian Athletes That You Should Follow On Social Media

  • 25 Aug 2019

Every country has their stars on field and off field.

While famous for its film stars, India is also home to some truly amazing athletes who've taken the sporting world by storm!

Here are some of them that you should promptly follow on social media!

1. Dutee Chand

This Indian sprinter is also the current champion in the women's 100 metres race. In fact, Dutee Chand is the third Indian female to have qualified for the Summer Olympic Games' Women's 100 metres event. She also bagged silver at the Jakarta Asian Games, making the medal the first for India in the sporting event since 1998. Dutee has also openly admitted that she's gay, and supports equality for all from the LGBTQ community.

Follow Her On Instagram at @DuteeChand

2. Neeraj Chopra

Born in 1997, Neeraj Chopra is a gold medalist via the 2018 Commonwealth Games for his amazing javelin throw. The track and field athlete was also selected as the flag-bearer when India hosted the Asian Games the same year.

Follow Him On Instagram at @Neeraj_Chopra

3. Virat Kohli

Nicknamed Chikoo, Virat Kohli captains India's national cricket team. He is also considered among the best batsmen globally in the sport. Currently he plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore. He is also the husband of Anushka Sharma, the famous Bollywood actress.

Follow Him On Instagram at @Virat.Kohli

4. P.V. Sindhu

Born Pusarla Venkata Sindhu in 1995, this lass is considered India's best when it comes to badminton. She was the first woman from her country to bag the Olympic silver medal in the sport. At the Asian Games 2018, Sindhu had clinched the silver medal as well. Due to her prowess, the athlete was awarded the Padma Shri honor in 2015.

Follow Her On Instagram at @Pvsidhu1

5. Muhammed Anas Yahiya

A specialist in the 400 metre distance race, Muhammed Anas Yahiya is the current holder of the national record for the sport. He had set the record very recently at the Czech Athletics Championships.

Follow Her On Instagram at @MuhammedAnasYahiya

6. Mary Kom


Mary Kom is the only woman to emerge as the World Amateur Boxing champion for a whopping six times. This is considered a great record. What's more, Mary is also the only woman boxer to bag a medal for each of the seven world championships. In India, she is called Magnificent Mary after she won gold at the Asian Games in 2014. She is also a member of the Rajya Sabha, a.k.a. the Council of States, an upper house of the bicameral Parliament of India.

Follow Her On Instagram at @Mc.Mary.kom

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