5 Reasons Why Being a Vegetarian is Good for Your Body

  • 05 Aug 2019

While it's certainly entertaining poking fun at that friend who's a vegetarian, but they're probably going to live longer than you.

What's more, there's a higher chance that they have a much easier time in the toilet than you which can be really sh*tty as well.

Perhaps it's time to find out why many are converting into a healthier diet. Here's what you've been missing out on.

1. Gives You Long Life

If you are someone who wishes to live longer, then switching to a vegetarian diet can increase your chance. Including fruits and vegetables reduces the amount of toxin and chemical build up in your body, reducing your chances of getting complicated diseases. In short, your parents were right about eating your vegetables.

2. Low Fat

While there's no health benefits that can be derived from consuming animal fats, except cholesterol, folks eating vegetables need not worry about obesity. In fact, vegetarians have the lowest amount of cholesterol levels and body fat.

3. Stroke Free

According to Belgium's University Hospital Ghent Department of Pediatrics, having a vegetarian diet assists in reducing a person's chance of having a stroke. While there are other factors as to why a person can suffer from a stroke, having a vegetarian diet greatly helps in avoiding this mishap.

4. Bye-Bye Diabetes

While majority of those who eat meat are known to be diabetic, it is not so for vegetarians who have balanced blood sugar levels. Having a vegetarian diet not only contains the least amount of fatty acids, it also helps in absorbing nutrients easily.

5. Helps With Digestion

If you're someone who experiences regular constipation, perhaps it's time to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Not only do high fiber food help with the digestion, they also keep you feeling full for a long time. Plus, fruits and vegetables assists with the body's metabolism while removing toxins and unwanted chemicals from your body.

While we're not recommending folks to completely switch to a vegetarian diet, it is good to know that eating more vegetables than meat certainly helps in having a healthier body and mind. Perhaps it's time to think through your daily diet!

Photo source: Vegetarian Times, Harvard Health – Harvard University, Healthline, Men's Journal, WebMD, Healthline, Medical News Today

Article Source: KrishiJagran

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