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  • 24 Jun 2019
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Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Sri Rama and is one of the central figures in the Hindu epic Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the various Puranas and some Jain texts.

He is famously known for being involved in Rama's war against the demon king Ravana.

But do you know some of the little known facts about Lord Hanuman? Read on to find out more about this interesting deity...

1. How He was born

When Lord Vishnu decided to incarnate on earth in the form of Rama, Lord Shiva professed his desire to serve him. Sati was not pleased with Shiva's decision because that meant they would be apart. Learning of Sati's concern, Shiva promised to send only a portion of him to earth so that he could fulfil both the purposes.

Shiva decided to assume the form of a monkey, as it is able to live a simple lifestyle and is free of all bondages of caste and traditions. And so, He was born in the form of Hanuman, who served Lord Rama with utmost devotion.

2. His mother was cursed by a sage

Lord Hanuman is the son of Anjana, a spirit of the clouds and winds, and the monkey king, Kesari. Anjana served in the celestial palace of Lord Brahma and was very self-centred and vain. Consumed by her arrogance, she enraged a sage, who in turn, cursed the divine beauty that her beautiful face would change into one that of a monkey the moment she falls in love.

Lord Brahma took pity on Anjana and sent her to Earth where she fell in love with Kesari and married him. As a zealous devotee of Lord Shiva, she wished for Him to be born as her son. Shiva heard her prayers and granted her wish by incarnating as her son, Hanuman.

3. His parents did not name Him

He was initially named Bajrang by his parents. When He was a child, He once found himself alone at home and hungry. Little Bajrang mistook the sun for a large fruit and flew towards it hungrily. It was also the day of the solar eclipse and Rahu was also heading towards the sun to engulf it.

He became terrified when he saw the little monkey approaching the sun with tremendous speed and complaint to Indra who became furious and used his vajra (a weapon shaped as club) to hit Bajrang.

The weapon hit Him on His jaw and He fell down on the earth unconscious. Brahma decided to step in and revive the little monkey but His face was left permanently disfigured from the impact of the vajra. In Sanskrit, 'Hanu' means jaw and 'man' means disfigured. And so He became known as Hanuman.

4. He fought Lord Rama and won

Lord Rama was once asked by a sage named Vishwamithra to kill Yayathi. Sensing the imminent danger, Yayathi went to Hanuman for help, who in turn promised to help. He did not use any weapons in his battle but instead started chanting Rama's name in the battlefield. The arrows from Lord Rama's bow could not pierce Hanuman and He gave up trying to kill Hanuman. Vishwamithra relieved Rama of his word upon seeing the devotion and courage of Hanuman.

5. A Fish Conceived Hanuman's Son, Makar Dhwaja

Hanuman's son, Makar Dhwaja, was born to a mighty fish of the same name. He was conceived when Hanuman had dipped into the sea to cool off his body and the fish drank his sweat.

The fish was caught by Ravana's stepbrother, Ahiravana, who ruled Patal, the underworld. When Makar Dhwaja grew up, Ahiravana was impressed by His strength and virility and made the boy His soldier.

Hanuman once lost in a duel with His son when He went to rescue Rama and Laxman whom Ahiravana had kidnapped. Hanuman would, however, later on kill Ahiravana and make Makar Dhwaja ruler of the underworld.

6. Jambavantha had to remind Hanuman of His powers

Lord Hanuman was very naughty and mischievous as a child. He used to pester meditating hermits, who had taken refuge in the kingdom of his father, King Kesari. He made a sage so annoyed that He was cursed to forget about His powers until He was reminded about them. When Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, Jambavantha had to remind Hanuman of His enormous powers, so that He could search for her.

7. Lord Hanuman and Lord Bhima are brothers

Bhima was also the son of Vayu (the Lord of the Winds). One day, when Bhima was searching for a flower his wife wanted, he saw a monkey sleeping with his tail across the pathway. He asked him to move his tail but the monkey didn't do it but instead asked Bhima to move it.

Bhima was very proud of His strength but He couldn't move or lift the tail. He realised that this was not a mere ordinary monkey but none other than Hanuman who wanted to teach Bhima humility.

Source: Speaking Tree India
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