Viral: Bigg Boss 3 Contestant List Revealed?

  • 23 Jun 2019

It's the time of the year where Tamil audiences are glued to the TV. Bigg Boss 3 is officially kicking off tonight and everyone can't wait to see how this season will turn out.

While there has been a lot of speculation on who's going to enter the famous Vijay TV reality show Bigg Boss 3 this evening, a list of personalities have been making round online.

The list contains names that are expected to join the villa as contestants this season. Here are the names:

1. Fathima Babu
2. Mohan Vaithiya
3. Cheran
4. Sherin
5. Jangiri Madhumitha
6. Sandy Master
7. Pink Abirama
8. Sakshi Agarwal
9. Paruthiveeran Saravanan
In addition to that, a big name Kollywood star, a Sri Lankan model, an actress from the movie Kavan and most importantly, a Malaysian artiste(!) is also expected to join the group.

Just a few hours more before we find out the real contestants. How excited are you?

Stay tuned on Vijay TV at 12:05am on 24th June 2019 to watch the premiere...

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Photo Credit: Charmboard, Timesalert, Veethi, Chiloka, Behind Talkies & The Indian Express

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