Popular Malaysian Singer to Join Bigg Boss Season 3?

  • 20 Jun 2019
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A budding singer, actor, and entertainer from Malaysia has been approached by the Bigg Boss team to join the show in the upcoming season.

He is a heartthrob among teens and young adults, especially females. His music videos are a hit in Malaysia garnering millions of views on YouTube. His stage shows see a huge turn over of crowd and his female fans go crazy at the sight of him.

He's not only a well-known singer and actor, but he also has hosted TV shows and live events on many occasions. Sources close to the young star revealed that he's going through several procedures before signing the contract and it's highly possible to see him in the Bigg Boss villa as one of the contestants this time.

If the singer passes these initial screenings, this will be the first time a Malaysian entering the Bigg Boss Tamil villa. Let's hope for the best!

Bigg Boss 3 will premiere on 24th June 2019 @ Vijay TV in Malaysia.

Photo Credit: Instagram & Vijay TV

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