Sangeeta Krishnasamy wants "Adiwiraku 2" to create an impact on Malaysian sports

  • 18 Jun 2019
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Having seen the positive impact that "Adiwira Ku" brought upon its audience, star Sangeeta Krishnasamy now hopes that the sequel, "Adiwiraku 2", will be just as impactful and continue its legacy of honouring and appreciating teachers.

Though this time, the actress also wants it to bring more of an impact to Malaysia's sports education.

"Because I think to be honest, in the last 15 to 20 years, the importance that's given to sports have dropped. Even when I was in school, there was a team of us who wanted to play hockey but then we were not encouraged because we didn't really have a hockey club.

"I'm hoping that this movie will give a little bit of boost in that sense; the importance of sports in school," Sangeeta told Cinema Online during our recent visit to the set of "Adiwiraku 2" in Kuala Lumpur.

The sequel was just wrapping up its 3-day filming earlier this June at Victoria Institution, after 23 days of filming that was done mostly in Felda Bukit Rokan, Gemencheh, where the true story the movie is based on originated.

It follows Cikgu Azman (Pekin Ibrahim) who, in introducing cricket to a group of unruly school children, ends up nurturing youngsters who grow up becoming cricket players that the nation can be proud of.


Involved this time around as a producer, or executive producer as head executive producer Khairul Anuar Latip would insist, Sangeeta even gets her first taste of directing as she leads the behind-the-scenes team in making content that will be used in marketing the movie.

"We went and interviewed all the people in the kampung, spoke to them. Why? Because we want people to know before they watch the movie, where we shot it, who are the people, what is this kampung about? We want people to have that experience," she said of her behind-the-scenes work.

While she won't be making any appearance in the sequel, which is eyeing a March 2020 release, she hopes that audiences watching "Adiwiraku 2" will not only learn that Malaysia won Gold in the cricket competition at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games, but will also get to learn how these Gold-winning national players came to be.

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