Salt Poisoning: Can You Die From Eating Too Much Salt?

  • 16 Jun 2019

In 2016, a young mother killed her 17-month-old daughter by feeding her 1 teaspoon of salt. Yes, that tiny amount of salt had caused seizures and fever for the baby. At the hospital, she was on life support because acute salt poisoning made her brain shut down. Five days later, the poor child died after being taken off life support.

That's how severe things can get if you consume excessive salt, especially table salt.
Table salt is the manufactured form of sodium chloride and is an essential ingredient in our daily lives, particularly when it comes to cooking.

While the sodium found in any salt is vital for good health, too much can lead to detrimental effects. Here's why:

Salt Poisoning

Salt poisoning happens when one takes too much salt and increases sodium levels in the bloodstream. Naturally, cells try to dilute the sodium by releasing water. This shrinks the cells drastically and brain cells are usually the most affected. This might eventually lead to seizures and comas.

Loss of Minerals

Although table salt looks and tastes similar to the naturally-forming sea salt, rock salt, and crystal salt, it loses at least 80 types of minerals when heated up.

After manufacturing, table salt loses natural iodine which might cause severe thyroid and metabolism issues in those who consume in more than allowed.

Hazardous Chemicals

Table salt is bleached to look white since naturally occurring salt is not mostly white in colour. The aluminum hydroxide found in some table salt is known to cause Alzheimer's disease.

Increased Risk of Disease

Consuming high levels of salt in your daily life has also been related to hypertension, heart disease, water retention, anxiety, stroke and muscle cramps to name a few.
Since sodium found in salt is essential for the human body to function properly, you can try switching to a much healthier option like natural salts, which reduce side effects considerably.

Source: Times of India, Poison Control & Daily Mail 
Photo Credit: Global Healing Center, BBC, ThoughtCo, Cleveland Health Essentials & AOL

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