Radha Ravi Accuses Vishal Of Bribing Voters in Nadigar Sangam Elections

  • 11 Jun 2019

The upcoming Nadigar Sangam (South Indian Artistes' Association) elections is creating tension in the Tamil cinema industry.
Veteran actor Radha Ravi has come out to give an explosive interview accusing the Pandavar Ani ('ani' means team), spearheaded by actors Nassar and Vishal, of distributing money to voters in the previous elections.
When asked what he thought about the upcoming elections, Radha Ravi called it a 'kuppa therthal' (rubbish elections).
"For the previous elections, Vishal, Nassar, and Karthi have held so many press meets that Nadigar Sangam elections have now become a big deal. It's only 3,150 people voting. Why is it a big deal?" Radha Ravi asked.
Radha Ravi has been in an important post in the Nadigar Sangam for 29 years. Last year was the first time he was not part of the committee after his team, headed by actor Sarathkumar, lost to Pandavar Ani.
"Nassar is the weakest leader. When I was the leader, we don't demand respect, we command respect," he said talking about the leadership of the Pandavar Ani.
The actor also spoke about mismanagement of money, lack of strong leadership and the alleged failures of the Pandavar Ani after they took charge last year. Check out his full interview here: 

For the Nadigar Sangam elections this year, two teams will be facing off each other; Pandavar Ani and Sankardas Ani.
The actors contesting for the main posts in Pandavar Ani include Nassar (President), Vishal (General Secretary), Karthi (Treasurer), Karunas and Poochi Murugan (Vice President). Sankardas Ani, it will be headed by Bhagyaraj (President) along with Prashanth (General Secretary), Ishari Ganesh (Treasurer), Udhaya and Kutti Padmini(Vice President).

The election is scheduled to happen on June 23 at the MGR Janaki College in Chennai.

Source: Sify
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz

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