Raj Charan: I get a chance to prove myself with such a meaty role

  • 15 May 2019
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"Ratnamanjari" is an action-thriller and Raj Charan managed to bag the lead role, Siddhanth, despite not having much of a portfolio in the industry. In an interview with the Times of India, he told them how he managed to secure the role.

"I am not from a film background. Though my first venture did not fare well at the box office, I kept persevering. Director PraSiddh contacted me on social media and after several rounds of auditions; I got the offer to star in this movie. When I first heard the director's narration, I realised that I have to carry the story on my shoulders. It is a lot of responsibility. This character is not just about looks or heroism. I love that I get a chance to prove myself with such a meaty role, despite being relatively new in this industry. I researched and prepared for it."

"My character, Siddhanth, is a botanist and an NRI Kannadiga. He has many shades to his personality, as well as a photographic memory - a quality that proves vital in the murder mystery investigation. Siddhanth is completely different from who I am. For instance, he is an NRI and I am a Bengaluru boy, so, I had to alter my body language, etc., to suit the role. I got to work with KGF fame technicians like stunt director Vikram and dance master Mohan for the fight and dance sequences, respectively. Of the two skills, I think I work well in fight sequences, because I am a sports enthusiast and am quite flexible. I did all my stunts without a body double."

He also spoke of his leading ladies, "I got to learn so much from the three female leads, Akhila Prakash, Pallavi Raju and Shraddha Salian. They are younger than me, but are more experienced in the film industry. Akhila and I used to attend the same acting classes, so, I knew her prior to the film. Through the course of shooting, we became close friends. Shraddha has done quite a few Tulu films. I used to take a lot of tips from her on how to be expressive. Pallavi Raju and I met on set, so, working with her was a fresh experience."

Photo Source: Times of India

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