Ashwin Jerome: Hip Hop Adhi Made Me Do It

  • 19 Apr 2019

Actor Ashwin Jerome, who plays the rival character to Hip Hop Adhi leading man’s role in “Natpe Thunai” has nothing but praises for his co-star, according to Times of India. 

The actor had joined Koothu-P-Pattarai, a Tamil theatre group, to improve his acting when Adhi asked him to join the cast in the movie. It was Adhi who encouraged him to take up the role.

He said "I have to thank Hip Hop Adhi, and the film's producers, Sundar C and Khushbu, for giving me this role, which has helped me gain recognition."

The actor is looking forward to playing both hero and villain roles in the future, saying, "The role should be impactful.

That's all. I hope I can create a space for myself in the industry." He will be in the upcoming Tamil movie, “Karichoru”.

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