"Don't You Have Sisters?" - Bigg Boss Julie's Outburst

  • 14 Mar 2019

Maria Juliana—or famously known as Bigg Boss Julie—has been subjected to online criticism and harsh trolling ever since her appearance in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. Despite rising to popularity as a 'Veera Tamilachi' (brave Tamilian girl) during the 'Jallikattu' issue, Bigg Boss had a negative impact on her image. Her videos and social media posts receive thousands of angry comments, and her ads and roles in movies are trolled brutally.

In a recent incident, Julie and a group of friends were accused of attacking a police officer, which resulted in a massive wave of online attacks. She denied her involvement in the incident, but many still chose to abuse and ridicule her using foul language.
But, Julie has had enough of such behaviour and released two emotional videos stating how such comments hurt her feelings. Watch the videos here:

In the video, while accepting her shortcomings in the Bigg Boss show, she reminded everyone that Tamil culture never encourages anyone to treat a woman in such a manner.
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Photo Credit: Behindwoods, Twitter

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