Ilayaraja Scolds His Disciple ARR On Stage!

  • 15 Mar 2019

It was indeed a treat for the music lovers who witnessed the opening day of 'Ilayaraja 75', a show organised to honour Maestro Ilayaraja.

The historical moment took place as Isaipuyal AR Rahman took the staged and played the keyboard, while Ilayaraja sang the evergreen "Mandram Vantha Thendralukku" song from Mouna Raagam.

They both reminisced the moment they worked together in the early days. Illayaraja mentioned that they worked together in almost 500 movies, to which ARR replied that Ilayaraja reminded him of a headmaster when he first became his assistant during the recording of 'Moondram Pirai'.

Check out the historic moment here:


If you want to watch more, stay tuned for the part 3 of the show on Sun TV this Sunday at 3pm. Get a glimpse of Raja's magic and music in Ilayaraja 75!

Image credit: Social News XYZ

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