5 Reasons Why Aishwarya Rajesh is the Newest Sensation of Kollywood

  • 04 Jan 2019

We see her everywhere; in every trailer, in every audio launch, in every Insta post. This dusky beauty is booming in the cine industry with a series of performance-oriented films up her sleeves and a loyal fan following.

We think Aishwarya Rajesh is going to be the newest Kollywood sensation! Here are 8 reasons why:

1. Beauty with Originality

Living in a world where being fair, tall and slender have been the key standards for beauty (though times are changing now), here comes an actress who embraces her skin colour and curves. Many Kollywood actresses who entered the industry brown have now become much fairer. This dusky beauty chose to stay real until now.

2. Versatile Actress

From being a village belle to a modern city girl, Aishwarya never shied away from any roles that challenge her. Her choice of films has garnered her multiple awards and nominations since the beginning of her career.

3. Mega Projects on Her Plates

Her recently-released movies include: Chekka Chivantha Vaanam, Saamy 2, Vada Chennai, Kanaa and many others. She's working with the likes of Dhanush, Vikram, Sathyaraj. STR and many other established Kollywood stars. 

4. 'Chennai Ponnu'

Many Kollywood heroines are imported from the North or even from outside of India (Amy Jackson). It's heartwarming to see a Tamil-speaking Chennai girl's shot to fame and she even made a debut in the North (Bollywood) with Arjun Rampal!

5. Bodhai Kodhai

This might not be considered as a reason but we have got to agree with how addictive this video song was. For many, this was on-repeat when it came out and she looked refreshingly beautiful and mysterious in the song. 

Do you need any more reasons to agree that Aishwarya Rajesh is the next sensation of Kollywood? If you are a big fan of this dusky beauty, head over to YMCA Royapettah to catch her at Ponggu Tamil 2019 happening in Chennai.

Photo Credit: Suryan FM, Deccan Chronicle, YouTube, Starviews, Gethu Cinema & Amazonaws

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