This is Why We Think Aishwarya Was Just Acting for Public Support!

  • 01 Oct 2018

The innocent-looking Aishwarya Dutta shocked everyone (Bigg Boss housemates and the audience) with her dictatorship and outburst of anger in the tasks given by Bigg Boss.

Well, her tantrums and tortures didn't really come about in a day. Aishwarya was the 'Rani' of torment since her childhood. She used to be very mischievous at school too. According to her in an interview prior to Bigg Boss entry, her parents used to visit the principle of her school at least once a week.

"I was blacklisted in my school. I miss those childhood moments the most," she said proudly.

Listen to one of her pranks on the teachers in school. It's cruel but she sure is very creative with her pranks and punishments!

Well, she does seem to display mild sadistic behaviour since her school days. Now after listening to her childhood stories, don't you think for the past few days, she's just been acting to gain public support. How can someone change their behaviour in such a shoft span? Riythvika's win against Aishwarya is truly justified!

Photo Credit: Newsbugz & Vijay TV

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