Celebrate Malaysia With Astro

  • 29 Aug 2018

Astro’s Malaysiaku campaign for Hari Kebangsaan once again curates and brings to life the best of Malaysian stories.

This year, Malaysiaku is a celebration of courage and a tribute to the sacrifices made by everyday Malaysians whose selflessness will inspire the nation to be the change we want to see in the country.
Henry Tan, Group Chief Content & Consumer Officer, Astro, said, “Every year, Astro celebrates Hari Kebangsaan with inspiring Malaysian stories. This year we celebrate our heroes – from the Royal Malaysian Navy to our founding fathers and everyday Malaysians with a line-up that makes us proud to be Malaysian. We are especially humbled to have the opportunity to be involved in Paskal, a film inspired by true events, which embodies the true meaning of courage and sacrifice by the Royal Malaysian Navy, our unsung heroes, whose dangerous missions keep our nation and its borders safe. Paskal will premiere in cinemas on 27th September.”

From documentaries to music and short form content Astro will host a bouquet of shows for all Malaysians. Continuing with the Road To Nationhood documentary series by Ahmad Yazid, Sarawak Reclaimed is about the state’s journey from the Brooke rule to independence as a state of Malaysia whilst The Undeclared War is a thought provoking documentary which captures the infamous political controversy between Indonesia and Malaysia in the 1960s and the challenges faced by Tunku Abdul Rahman in his quest to form the Federation of Malaysia.

Basir Siswo has created two documentaries: Gemilang 75, on the tenacity of the glorious 1975 Malaysian hockey team; and, Dari Setinggan ke Grand Slam which encapsulate the fighting and enduring spirit of Malaysian explorers.  

Over the month the celebration continues as Astro showcases The Amazing Malaysian Heroes, a heart-warming series that highlights the actions of everyday Malaysians whose bold and courageous feats have saved a life or will inspire our generation to be the Malaysians we want to be.

Astro talents have also come together to release several music videos and songs, amongst which are: Malaysiaku by Syamel, Zizi Kirana, Kidd Santhe, Lil J, Ernie Zakri and Ara Johari; Suara Malaysia, a special rendition by various Astro Radio announcers; and 一段路 pinyin: yi duan lu (A Lasting Mile) featuring Astro AEC hosts Jiang Han and Hui Mei.

The music line-up also includes new versions of the iconic: Tanggal 31, a duet by Noh Salleh and Masya Masyitah; Saya Anak Malaysia by Hazama and Usop; and Setia featuring Man Bai, Syamel, Ernie Zakri, Ara Johari, Francissca Peter, Nicole Hui, Zainal Abidin and Hael Husaini.

Astro values customers’ support and loyalty and will offer a free preview of Astro channels on TV, on demand and on Astro GO to all customers from 30 August to 17 September 2018 (Pay-per-view such as Astro First and Astro Best is not included).

NJOI customers also have the newly-launched entertainment channel, He110 (CH 110), for free, offering entertainment in HD for the whole family from kid’s cartoons, to variety, series and movies from Hollywood and Asia.
For premieres on Astro:

  • Gemilang 75 (CH Prima & Maya HD, 16 Sept., 10pm) produced by Basir Siswo: A tribute to the Malaysian athletes in the 1975 World Cup Hockey team.
  • Dari Setinggan ke Grand Slam (CH Prima & Maya HD, 31 Aug., 8pm) produced by Basir Siswo: A factual programme about the world’s youngest and Malaysia’s first Grand Slam Explorer, Muhammad Muqharabbin, and his fearless spirit in conquering the seven highest peaks in the world as well as the north and south poles.
  • Merdeka Generasi Y (CH Prima & Maya, 31 Aug., 10pm) produced by Basir Siswo: This documentary looks at the journey of 4 young Malaysian leaders – Syed Saddiq, Prabhakaran, Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas and Syefura Abdul Rahman – to serve the nation.
  • Road to Nationhood: Sarawak Reclaimed (Part 1 & 2) (CH National Geographic, 9 & 16 Sept., 3.10pm) directed by Ahmad Yazid: This documentary chronicles Sarawak’s journey from the Brooke rule to independence as a state of Malaysia.
  • Road to Nationhood: The Undeclared War (CH National Geographic, 31 Aug., 3.10pm) directed by Ahmad Yazid: This story highlights the challenges that the former Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, faced in forming the biggest Federation in South East Asia – The Federation of Malaysia.
  • The Amazing Malaysian Heroes (CH Prima & Maya HD, 16 Sept., 5pm & Gempak): Heart-warming short stories of unsung heroes, uniting Malaysians as one race for the love of their nation.
  • Big Seni Artis Lagenda (CH Prima & Maya HD, Every Wed. & Sat., starting 15 Aug., 8.30pm): A tribute to some of the biggest stars of the yesteryears, showcasing historical footage of their performances and insights into their lives which no one has heard of before.
  • My Love My Homeland (CH AEC, Every Tues & Wed, 28 Aug. – 5 Sept., 10pm): Features different local celebrities each episode as they reminisce over bittersweet memories and experiences when they were working away from Malaysia, their home.
  • One Step Higher (CH Vaanavil, 15 Sept., 8pm): A reality show highlighting 6 young ladies’ challenges as they hike the highest and most famous peaks in Malaysia including Mount Kinabalu.
  • Sultan Azlan Shah: Hakim Cendekiawan Sultan (CH Prima & Maya HD, 10 Sept., 9pm)
Details of all channels offering Malaysiaku content and synopsis of shows can be found at All shows will also be available on demand via connected PVRs and Astro Go.

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