"Don't Troll Me & End Up In CBI's List," Warns Bigg Boss Meera Mithun

  • 21 Nov 2019

Bigg Boss Meera is back in Chennai after residing in Bombay for some time. The model and actress first came to public attention after her entry into Bigg Boss 3 and her controversial statements and videos regarding the show.

She accused director Cheran of manhandling her and released a series of videos condemning the showmakers and some of its contestants. 

A few weeks ago, Meera revealed in a press meet that she has been receiving death threats and has relocated to Mumbai out of fear for her safety. However, the star returned home following the announcement of her appointment as the Tamil Nadu State Director in the Anti Corruption Commission by the Government of India.

In a new video released on Twitter, Meera uncovers details about her effort to find out why her Instagram followers have not been growing for the past few months. Here's what she has to say:

According to Meera, she's trying to get to the bottom of her Instagram issue and even the CBI is involved in the investigation. She warns her haters and trollers to not get in trouble by trying to attack her or post negative comments on her Instagram profile.

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Galatta & Instagram