"People Are Threatening to Throw Acid on My Face!" - Bigg Boss Meera Reveals Shocking Details

  • 03 Nov 2019

Bigg Boss Meera Mithun has been hitting the headlines frequently after the reality show because of her provocative statements in videos released on her social media accounts.

The model-turned-actress has been in the midst of controversy since before the start of the show, as she was allegedly stripped off her Miss South India 2016 pageant title.

However, Meera has denied the news, claiming it was a ploy to bring her down from successfully running beauty pageants.

"I've groomed at least 100 Tamil girls and out of them, 10 girls have brought in titles. All I wanted was for Tamil girls to win the beauty pageants in India. Some people started seeing me as competition," Meera revealed.

In a recent press meet, Meera claimed the channel that hosted the Bigg Boss 3 'hasn't paid a single Rupee even as advance before and after the show'.

It's been over a month since the show ended, and Meera is angry her calls and messages have got no response from the team.

"They are touching a nerve in me, I feel like my self-respect is at stake. I'm not a money-minded girl, I'm a work-minded girl. If they can't pay me, they should have at least informed me professionally," she explained.

According to Meera, if the channel continues to ignore her even after the press meet, she will be bringing her infamous Cheran episode in the show to the human rights commission.

Just days before her elimination in Bigg Boss 3, Meera claimed director Cheran manhandled her during a task. This came as a shock to the housemates and the public since director Cheran has always been very respectful of women even in his movies.

Despite her accusations, the Bigg Boss audience stood by Cheran and Meera was eliminated that week. She has since spoken about the incident in her live videos and interviews, causing a wave of disapproval from the netizens.

In the press meet, Bigg Boss Meera revealed that some guys have called and threatened to pour acid on her face. This has forced her to relocate to Mumbai, fearing for her safety.

"People are calling me and saying I'm being vocal because of my beauty and they would throw acid on my face. I've settled in Mumbai now since I feel safer there as a woman. Mumbai police are good," Meera claimed.

Despite all the hate, she has her supporters too! Check out her full press meet here:

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