Bigg Boss Meera Reveals When She Wants To Get Married!

  • 09 Aug 2019

Meera Mithun was one of the more controversial contestants in the Bigg Boss house; she got voted out of the show after her fight with director Cheran.

The actress is now enjoying life out of Bigg Boss, and connecting with her fans on social media.
Recently, Meera went Live to answer fan's questions while drinking beer; she even claimed beer is good for health and insisted she’s still Tamil cultured despite consuming alcohol.

"Police will not arrest me, I'm innocent. News about the fraud cases are untrue," she said in the live chat for one of the questions.

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Before Meera took part in Bigg Boss, complaints were lodged against her for money laundering, where she was even dethroned from her Miss South India 2016 title. It was later revealed that, Meera joined the show after getting a bail from the court.

When asked if she still has feelings for Tharshan, she stated it was Tharshan who had feelings for her and that she didn't love him. She further accused Sherin of pretending to be good but actually being nothing but a fake.

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In regards to Abhirami, whom she knew previously, Meera claimed that Abhirami is just ungrateful and targeted her on purpose.

"Suriyana paathu nai kolacha, naai ku than vai valikkum," she said sarcastically to her haters when some of them called her a psycho in the live video.

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When one of her fans asked about her marriage plans, Meera said she's focusing on her career now, and might only consider marriage after 10 years or so.

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