Meera Mithun Attacked: What Did She Say in Post-Bigg Boss 3 Video?

  • 04 Aug 2019

Meera Mithun's 'man-handling' allegations against director Cheran resulted in her elimination from Bigg Boss 3 last week. Tamil audiences were furious with her accusations even after watching the 'kurumpadam' (short video) of the incident.

Since leaving the Bigg Boss house, Meera has been giving interviews, standing firm by her opinion on Cheran. Astro Ulagam had an open chat with her and here's what she thought about each of the contestants in the house, including Cheran:

After a week of interviews, Meera Mithun finally released her first video thanking all her fans for their support on Instagram. The video has sparked widespread criticism since Meera was probably one of the least liked contestants on the show. In the video, Meera said she's so happy and thankful for all the love she's been getting. Take a look:

The video has become viral online and netizens are blasting comments on Meera's post. Check it out:

Source: Instagram