Meera Mithun: I Have Filed A Case Against Tharshan's Girlfriend!

  • 31 Jul 2019

Meera Mithun is among the most controversial contestant in the Bigg Boss season 3, who was eliminated last week following her dispute with Cheran. 

Kamal, together with the viewers, defended Cheran against Meera's harassment claim.

Despite showing the video as a proof, Meera revealed in a recent interview that the camera angle gave advantage to Cheran, and still stood with her claim that she was harassed by him.

When asked about her Miss South India 2016 title that was stripped off by the organisers, Meera insisted that it's fake news and revealed that she has filed a defamation case against Tharshan's girlfriend Sanam Shetty.

Sanam Shetty who was originally crowned as the second runner-up in the 2016 Miss South India claimed to have received the title after Meera got involved in a fraud case.

When asked about her opinion on other contestants, Meera revealed that Sherin is a fake and Sakshi is evil. However, she called Sandy, Tharshan, and Mugen as her best friends.

At the end of the interview, she further mentioned that she doesn't know what a lie is and everything that she spoke during the interview is nothing but the truth.

Check out her exclusive interview here: 

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