Meera Heading To The Bigg Boss Secret Room?

  • 28 Jul 2019

It was quite an interesting day in Bigg Boss. Viewers were eagerly waiting for Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan to take the stage and discuss some of the vital issues that took place in the Bigg Boss house in the previous days.
Among the main issue was the problem that sparked between Meera Mithun and Cheran, where Meera accused Cheran of sexually harassing her.
Cheran broke down in the end and apologized to everyone. But at the same time, he was ready to leave the show for a mistake he did not commit.
The viewers, however, were not happy with what happened and ensured Meera got the lowest votes of all.
According to an unofficial voting, it was Sakshi who got the lowest votes prior to that incident, but the tide seems to have now turned against Meera, who is expected to leave the show tonight.
During the show yesterday, Kamal played a 'kurumpadam' to ensure Cheran gets the justice he deserved. And he also announced that Cheran is safe from elimination and will continue to stay in the house.
But what's unexpected is that, during the beginning of the show, Kamal informed the viewers that the secret room is ready.
In the previous two seasons of Bigg Boss, two of the contestants ended up in the Bigg Boss secret room, where they get the advantage of staying in the show and to view what's happening in the house without the other contestants' knowledge - even after the public have voted them out.
According to Kamal, one of the contestants can enter the house this week, or in the upcoming weeks. And since Meera is expected to leave the house tonight, there is a high chance she might be sent to the secret room.
After Vanitha Vijayakumar was eliminated, it was Meera Mithun who was creating controversies in the house. Now the show might end up being boring if the model is sent home.
So will the show send Meera to the secret room to maintain their Television Rating Point (TRP)? Guess we have to wait to find out tonight.

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