Chennai High Court Grants Meera Mithun 'Bail' To Attend Bigg Boss?

  • 19 Jul 2019

Tamilchelvi, who goes by the name of Meera Mithun in the entertainment industry, is the 16th contestant to enter the Bigg Boss S3 show.

The model cum actress joined the show two days later than the other contestants and ended up as one of the most disliked contestants among the other housemates and also the viewers.

A complaint was lodged against Meera Mithun by Ranjith Bandari for allegedly cheating Rs50,000 by pretending to conduct a beauty pageant.

According to his complaint, the actress promised to conduct a beauty pageant, collected funds, and later revealed that the project is scrapped. However, she failed to return the Rs50,000 that she collected previously.

Several months ago, even Meera's Miss South India 2016 title was revoked due to the misuse of the pageant logo and title.

Thus before entering the Bigg Boss show, Meera had applied for a conditional bail citing her participation in Bigg Boss as a reason, as well as claiming the fraud complaint made against her is untrue.

The Chennai High Court has granted Meera Mithun a conditional bail and the case will be on hold until the actress leaves the show.

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Source: News7Tamil