Vanitha Vijayakumar: I Will Not Change For Anyone!

  • 18 Jul 2019

Vanitha Vijayakumar knew what she was getting into when she signed on to be on the latest "Bigg Boss Tamil".

Unfazed by the harsh comments on her on social media, the actress believes it is unfair to judge the participants based on the one hour for which the show is telecast.

She revealed the reason why she wanted to be on the show in the first place, "I have been a fan of the show and felt that I should give it a try when I was approached. Even before joining the show, I was aware of the kind of feedback I might receive, so I took all the negative comments in stride. I just wanted to experience this, and I have had a satisfying experience despite having issues with some people inside the house."

As soon as she was in the house, she quickly learnt how to play the 'game' of the show, "It is basically a psychological game and it took some time for me to understand that. Everything was fine in the first week - we were all getting to know each other. But I noticed that things started changing when the eviction process commenced. I realised that the nature of the show was slightly changing as audience need content, because of which some of the contestants started engaging in dramatic behaviour."

"I can't behave and react to things in a planned way to impress people. I have been myself throughout the show, but I know viewers may not like this – they expect dramatic character traits. So, I was clear from the beginning that I went inside the house for the experience, and not to win the title. In fact, I'm thankful to those who didn't vote for me because I could come out and can now focus on my life."

But throughout it all, she decided that the best way for her to survive her time in the house was to be herself, whether the fans liked her or not. She explained, "I knew it was a show which goes on for 106 days in total. As a mother, I can't afford to leave my family for so many days. I just decided to be myself because the public knows me."

"So, I felt it was pointless to fake things. If I tried to portray myself as a calm person, who never interferes in other's issues even when it is required, people may say that I'm being fake. So, the million-dollar question for me was 'should I play the game or be myself'. There are some contestants who engaged themselves in meditation, worship, taking vow of silence, and so on, to impress viewers. Are the viewers sure that these people do the same when they are at their homes? The audience should think before judging the contestants – they shouldn't be in a haste, in inferring someone's character."

Now that she is not part of the show, she reckons that she is proud of how she carried herself even though she was branded as 'bad tempered' on social media but the strong minded woman doesn't care for such labels! She said, "I'm not an 18-year-old girl – I'm a mature woman and a mother of three. You can't expect me to behave like Losliya or Oviya. I could see people falling in love when they had no chemistry between them. Be it Kavin or Mugen or Tharshan, all of them have girlfriends and the girls in the house are also aware of that. But still they are all roaming around like couples."

"So, when I felt that people are faking things around, I advised them. Naan anga maama vela panrathukkaga pokale. I have seen many people calling me by the name 'bajaari' on social media. I don't know how many people know its real meaning. If you think bajaari is the name for a strong and capable woman who doesn't suck up to someone, then yes, I'm proud to be that. I will continue to speak my mind."

What do you think of her behaviour on the show? Should she have been proud of the way she behaved?

Source: Times of India
Photo source: The Hindu