Losliya To Act With Kavin In Raja Rani 2? Director Reveals...

  • 18 Jul 2019

Losliya and Kavin are among the famous contestants of Bigg Boss S3.

Kavin is a famous serial artist who was involved in serials such as Saravanan Meenatchi and Saravanan Meenatchi 2 in the direction of Praveen Bennet, who also directed another famous serial, namely Raja Rani.

In a recent interview, the director revealed that he is about to shoot Raja Rani 2 which will be launched after the on-going Bigg Boss S3 comes to an end.

"Losliya is my favorite contestant in this season of Bigg Boss and I will ensure she's a part of the Raja Rani 2 cast," revealed the director.

Furthermore, he got shocked when he was informed during the interview that Alya Manasa might be the 17th contestant to join the Bigg Boss S3 house.

When asked about Kavin's behaviour of flirting with several other contestants at the same time in the show, Praveen expressed his disbelief.

"Kavin doesn't behave that way in real life. He doesn't flirt with girls and he even hesitates to play romantic scenes in serial sometimes. I was quite shocked to see him flirting and getting angry in the show. It's unlike the Kavin I knew all these years," he added.

Meanwhile, the viewers are loving the Kavin-Losliya pair on the show. In the recent episode, even Losliya admitted that she likes watching Kavin's serials and admires him even before she met him at the Bigg Boss house.

Abhirami who auditioned for the 'Meenatchi' role previously, even expressed her love for Kavin when she entered the Bigg Boss house.

Now the viewers might be seeing Losliya in serial after she's out from the Bigg Boss house. Check out director Praveen's interview here:

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