Tharshan's GF & GF Wanna Be: This Is The History Meera & Sanam Share!

  • 16 Jul 2019

India's famous reality show Bigg Boss S3 is on-going and after Vanitha Vijayakumar got eliminated in the show, it is believed that Meera Mithun has become the next controversial character everyone is looking forward to eliminate.

Recently, the model proposed to her fellow contestant Tharshan. But despite being rejected by Tharshan, she informed the other housemates that it was Tharshan who proposed and showed interest in the first place.

Following that incident, Tharshan clarified that he has a girlfriend, a fellow model named Sanam Shetty, which eventually led Meera to nominate Tharshan for elimination citing that he has cheated her. 

Too much drama isn't it?

But do you know that Meera Mithun and Tharshan's girlfriend Sanam Shetty actually knew each other and share some past together?

In the year 2016, both models took part in Miss South India beauty pageant. Meera Mithun won the pageant and was crowned as the Miss South India 2016, meanwhile, Sanam Shetty was crowned as the first runner-up.

But after almost 2.5 years, Meera Mithun was stripped of the Miss South India 2016 title on the allegation of misuse of the logo and the title.

The title was then given to Tharshan's girlfriend Sanam Shetty, who is now the official Miss South India 2016.

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