Why Did Meera Mithun Divorce Her Husband?

  • 15 Jul 2019

Meera Mithun is a model cum actress who entered the Bigg Boss house two days after the show started. 

Despite knowing some of the contestants previously, her journey in Bigg Boss started rather badly when her former friends started boycotting her in the house.

Meera's public feud with Joe Michael is a well-known issue to the public; Joe lodged a complaint against Meera for fraud, while Meera accused Joe of trying to kill her.

Now, Meera has come into the spotlight when she proposed to Tharshan, asking him to meet her mother to ask her hand in marriage. Tharshan, who is already in a relationship with actress Sanam Shetty, rejected the proposal. Meera, however, told the other housemates that it was Tharshan who proposed to her.

But it is revealed that Meera was already previously married and the actress has spoken about it on the show itself. 

During the time everyone shared their personal stories in the first week, Meera spoke about her abusive relationship with her husband. She mentioned that the marriage was arranged by her father, and she later divorced her husband after the marriage turned abusive. 

Her story was not featured on the show and was released as unseen footage later on.

But Joe has a different story about her marriage and revealed that it was not an arranged marriage, but Meera got married against her father's will after falling in love with the guy.

Joe, who is still in touch with Meera's husband, opens up about their divorce: